How much does a new website cost?
Depends on what package you buy, but our Websites start at $395 for a 3 page Website and Social media page start at $110.

How long does it take to build your website?
We pride ourselves in professionalism and time management, We can build your draft copy in just a couple of days and provided you are available for correspondence your website will be ready to go within 14 days.

Will we meet in person?
There is no need with today technology we have services like skype, facetime and zoom which means you can be in any corner of the world and we can help build your website to your desire.

Do you set up my Facebook Pages?
Of course, We set up your custom Facebook page with you and can design it the way you want.

What do I need to provide?
Your input is very important, We value your input and there is a short survey to fill out once purchased.

What if I’m not happy with the website?
Technically Can will work with to achieve the website that suites your needs and business.

Who hosts the Website?
We use the platform WordPress and the hosting is provided free of charge with your website.

Can you maintain Facebook and Website pages?
Absolutely, We are happy to, we provide ongoing marketing to suite your needs.

Can I update Facebook or Website pages once finished?
Yes you can, we can set it up and teach you how to use both platforms.

Will my website be mobile friendly?
Definitely this is a must in today’s day and age.

Who will own the Domain name?
You will own the Domain name, it will be registered in your name and email, so it will be 100% yours to do what you please.

Can you work on my existing Website?
No we do not add pages or stores, it takes longer to fix other people’s mistakes, it is quicker, cheaper and easier to buy a new website.